Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Narrative: Draft Outline Development

Location: Workshop     Character: Toy Monkey    Prop: Broken Toy

- Toy Master is seen working on a toy but within the scene, we could see a discarded pile and the Prop is there.

- Toy Master closes and leaves the shop for the day

- The toys in the workshop (now unattended) comes to life

- A Toy Monkey, who believes he is the apprentice of the Toy Master begins to get to work. He goes over to the discarded pile and begins to examine the Prop

- Toy Monkey attempts to fix the  prop, however, putting himself in danger. He had to go through several obstacles to attain a piece of button for the eyes in order to get the prop fixed.

- After operating the toy, the Toy Monkey realises that he actually had further damaged the Prop.

- With determination and remembering what the Toy Maker does, he gives it a second go to mend the Prop. However, he was seen to be a little reluctant as he knew he has to go through another set of obstacle to fix it.

Originally we were thinking of using slapstick comedy, however our story so far seems to lean more towards drama and tragedy. However, we may slip in a bit of comedy to make the animation less intense.

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