Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Narrative: Environment Lighting Progress

With our initial lighting set up, it has taken to render the interior of the workshop 11 minutes to render. However, Scott went to look at the scene over again and adjusted the settings. Here's the progress of the lighting scene.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Narrative: Character Facial Expressions Development

This is the second set of blendshapes because as we moved along the project, we discovered that the scaling of the whole rig was not working properly and because of that, whatever that comes after in the pipeline was not working properly. Hence, Ayunie went back to fix the rig before doing the blendshapes again.

We also encountered problems when doing blendshape so Alan gave a hand and taught us to do a parallel blendshape for our character to ensure that the blendshapes work.

Narrative: Character Facial Expressions

After sculpting the various facial expressions, Ayunie went to do the blendshapes. However, there is a problem. The whole model seem to move down when everything else was kept the same when the blendshape was done.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Narrative: Character Rigging Complete

This is our character fully rigged. Ayunie has added additional joints to the ears so that we will have a better control of it. The character's ears will droop when it's sad and will rise when he's thinking or happy.

This is some of the character's expression. Since our character's eyes are buttoned eyes, which means it's fixed, the expressions will be controlled by the eyebrow and mouth movements.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

@Alan Narrative: Character Skinning_Edit_02 (Bind Skin & Paint Weights)

This is the skinning done for the monkey. Will work on the rig next.

Alan, is it possible for me to start to set up the rig first and then see you tomorrow to do the feet? In the tutorials, the lower body was done first.

Narrative: Main Prop Positions and Skinned

After some thinking of how to make the jobs easier for ourselves we decided that we could put the Main Prop in different positions using only skinning. We never see the Prop move in shot therefore a rig isn't necessarily needed, with composting we can work around this effectively.

Narrative: Scene UV and Texture Progress

Experimenting with lighting and textures - we are also going to clutter the scene to make the workshop more believable.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

@Alan Narrative: Character Skinning (Bind Skin & Paint Weights)

Alan, I bound the joints to the skin and here's the preview of it.

However, I am unsure about on how to paint the weights for the Spine Joints and Pelvis. Could you guide me please? Thank you.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Narrative:Previz Edits

After the feedback that was given on Tuesday, we looked again into our previz and went to edit it to fill in the gaps because some of our scenes were not reading clearly.
In this edit 2, we've added the missing shot of the monkey looking at the prop and then looks at the prize before it goes on to get it. We've also added the a shot where the monkey falls over to link the shot after where he is on the ground.
From our second edit, we looked again to try and make sure that our animation reads better. So, we did an alternative establishing shot where we see the monkey before cutting to it (This was missing in the first two previz of the monkey being in the establishing shot). There was another shot that was added where we cut to the monkey's facial expression before cutting it back to see the button rolling over and hitting the container of paint brushes.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Narrative: Workshop Interior (UV Mapped)

Each of us have contributed to modelling our workshop interior and not, we've laid out the UVs which are now ready for texturing.

Narrative: Initial Previz

This is our initial previz for our animation.We have improvised several shots from the storyboard because it works better visually as compared to what we thought it would have been should we have followed the camera shots from the storyboard.

Narrative: Character Textured (With Bump Map)

We have decided to add bump mapping model as previously discussed because if we don't, the texture looks too flat.

Narrative: Main Prop (UV Mapped)

This is our Main Prop with it's UV laid out, ready for texturing.

Narrative: Main Prop

From the concept art, Ayunie have gone ahead and model the prop.

Narrative: Main Prop Concept Art & Orthographic Views

In our narrative, we have a main prop that our character is going to have an interaction with. So, Scott have done the concept art for it and Rosalyn has gone to do the orthographic shots for it. Ayunie will then model it.

Concept Art of Main Prop:

Orthographic Shots of Main Prop:

Friday, 7 November 2014

Narrative: Character Textured

After the character's UV have been laid out, Rosalyn went ahead to paint the textures for our character. This is the progress.

It looks a bit flat now because we have yet to do any bump or displacement maps for it.