Friday, 31 October 2014

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Narrative: Character Modelling (Arms & Ruffled Cuffs)

After a discussion with Alan on how to go about modelling the cuffs, we have decided to make it as a separate object and use wrap deformers when we animate it later. This will give us more room to animate that area of the hand. Additionally, with regards to the body, we have decided to make it less square so that the geometry will flow better towards the neck and the feet.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Narrative: Storyboard Revisited

Narrative: Environment Props

After looking at our environment, we went to look into designing our furnitures. From our maya block out, it was a little bit rigid and does not fit well with our whole concept. Hence, we came out with the following design.

Narrative: Character Modelling

Since we have the orthographics of the character done, we have decided to go ahead and model it. This is the character's WIP.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Narrative: Environment Overpaint

After a Maya Blockout, we decided to do a simple Overpaint to get an idea of the lighting and the angles in the room. Once our shots have been finalised, we will know exactly what needs to be modelled and what could pass as matte paintings.

Rosalyns' Artwork

Scotts' Artwork

Scotts' Artwork

Scotts' Artwork

Narrative: Initial Environment Prop Ideas

After our tutorial with Alan, we started to think about our environment and the props that would be found in it. This is an initail idea of what could be found on the workshop keepers desk within this scene.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Narrative: Character Further Development

After our tutorial we have decided to make him look more clumsy. In the sketches above, we have him at a resting position. We will continue to give him personality in different positions and situations to help exaggerate his clumsiness. We have taken the height back down slightly and made him circus-esque.

Narrative: Animatic Draft

After we had our storyboard down, we went on to do our first rough cut of animatics.

Narrative: Maya Blockout

We have our initial workshop concept art for our toy workshop and did a Maya blockout to get our heads around what to be included in the scene. 

Initial Concept Art

Narrative : Character Development

After some finalizing of what are character is we have decided on a Toy Monkey. We are thinking that he should be leaner however, need to find a good balance of monkey and toy and not delve more in one of those areas. Also we are thinking of materials that it could be made out of for example, wood, burlap or soft felt.