Friday, 14 November 2014

Narrative:Previz Edits

After the feedback that was given on Tuesday, we looked again into our previz and went to edit it to fill in the gaps because some of our scenes were not reading clearly.
In this edit 2, we've added the missing shot of the monkey looking at the prop and then looks at the prize before it goes on to get it. We've also added the a shot where the monkey falls over to link the shot after where he is on the ground.
From our second edit, we looked again to try and make sure that our animation reads better. So, we did an alternative establishing shot where we see the monkey before cutting to it (This was missing in the first two previz of the monkey being in the establishing shot). There was another shot that was added where we cut to the monkey's facial expression before cutting it back to see the button rolling over and hitting the container of paint brushes.

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