Sunday, 2 November 2014

Narrative: Character Modelling (Refinement of Face)

Ayunie have gone to add the mouth and refined our character's nose.

@Alan, since the head of our character sits on the body and we don't think it needs a neck, how do you suggest I model that part of the character though?


  1. Hi Ayunie

    The short answer is yes he needs a neck and shoulders to match the feet. However, something isn't quite working with the character in 3D yet and it seems to be born out of whether or not you've decided if he is a 'stitched' toy to or not. All of the problems...the feet, the shoulders, the neck are connection points which could be attached separately if you decide they are an modeled them with stitching in mind - If you see what I mean? That information is missing from your design/ orthographs (and concept paintings too). If you resolve that then you'll know how to model it.

    Are you able to email me your model?

    1. I believe we have decided that we are going to have the stitches to connect the different limbs together and I i get what you mean though.

      I've emailed you the scene file for you to have a look :)